Ph.D. Student in Engineering and Public Policy: Rathapon Saruthirathanaworakun



Advisors: Luís Correia (IST/UTL) and Jon M. Peha (CMU)
Research Interests: Telecommunications Policy, Spectrum Managment and Spectrum Sharing

Rathapon Saruthirathanaworakun, a.k.a. RaM, is a Ph.D. student in Engineering and Public Policy. RaM received both Bachelor and Master of Electrical Engineering (majoring in Communications Engineering) from Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, THAILAND. Before starting his Ph.D. study, RaM worked for TOT PLC, a telecommunication incumbent in Thailand, as an engineer responsible for spectrum management. His research interests are in the field of telecommunication policy. Particularly now he is working on spectrum sharing models that allow multiple parties to be able to share the same band of spectrum. RaM's leisure activities include listening to music, playing piano, playing tennis, reading, and traveling.