Carnegie Mellon prepares social and financial network

Carnegie Mellon is going to start a new step in its strategy, with a site to host a social network,  announced Tara Branstad, one of the directors of the Center for Technology Transfer and Enterprise Creation (CTTEC) of the institution.

The major role of Carnegie Mellon is to simplify the processes "- The director of the Center for Technology Transfer and Enterprise Creation (CTTEC) of Carnegie Mellon University, Tara Brantsad believes that the large role Carnegie Mellon in transferring of technology to companies is simplify procedures and give them transparency - are a form of encourage participation. "The lack of transparency is disappointing. And it also because there is a procedure and contract to create spin-offs, " She explains. The role of facilitator is to "promote confidence and the development of the project. "Everyone knows if you are getting involved,"  stresses the responsible.

Regional organizations help in transferring technology - Much success in transferring technology of Carnegie Mellon University d had to do with the existence of individuals in startups with links to a private institution. This has been fundamental in the process of  developing  small businesses in order for them to be bought, with  benefits for the university, said Tim McNulty,  vice president of government relations at Carnegie  Mellon.

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