Ph.D. Student in Applied Mathematics: Rita Ferreira

Rita Ferreira was quick to find balance between studies and sports. "At first, the program was a bit overwhelming, but I learned to adjust and now I’m learning so much,” said Ferreira, who is enrolled in the Carnegie Mellon Portugal in applied mathematics program.

.Rita Ferreira

Rita’s research areas are centered on continuum mechanics, the calculus of variations, asymptotic analysis and homogenization. The Lisbon native said she plans a career in academic teaching and research.When she’s not busy with school work, she is jogging through scenic Schenley Park, adjacent to Carnegie Mellon, or playing tennis and soccer via the university’s extensive intramural sport program. Rita’s research areas are centered on Continuum Mechanics, Calculus of Variations, Asymptotic Analysis and Homogenization. At the present moment I am working on homogenization problems, where we aim to derive the so called “homogenized models” that intend to describe the macroscopic behavior of a system which is microscopically heterogeneous. In other words, the heterogeneous material is replaced by a homogeneous fictitious one whose overall characteristics are a good approximation to the initial ones.