MHCI Alumni 2009

Brad Alex Copenhaver

Brad Alex Copenhaver || bcopenha at andrew dot cmu dot edu

Brad Copenhaver is a student in the Master of Human-Computer Interaction program at the University of Madeira. He holds a bachelor of arts in psychology from the Washington & Jefferson College in Washington, Pennsylvania. Copenhaver says that he was drawn to this program because of his interest in usability and human-computer interaction. His professional goals are to work in the field of interaction design with an eye towards consulting. Hailing from Mifflintown, Pennsylvania, Copenhaver enjoys ice skating, ultimate frisbee, and playing guitar.

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Carlos André Aguiar de França Dória || cdoria at andrew dot cmu dot edu

Interested in everything from the human learning process to jazz music, Dória will fit right in with the Master of Human Computer Interaction (MHCI) program jointly offered with the University of Madeira. Selecting the MCHI program because of the opportunity to concentrate on designing for the user and usage, Dória has a strong desire to see a project through from start to finish and hopes to one day design products that will aid people in their everyday life. Dória, who already has an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from the University of Madeira, will return to his former school to further pursue his work on sensor-based installations, namely a 3D interactive ring, fully controllable by hand movement, for a company called wowsystems. To learn more about Dória, follow his experiences in the United States and Portugal through his blog.

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Daniel Wagner || dtwagner at andrew dot cmu dot edu

Daniel Wagner graduated from Darmstadt University of Technology in summer 2007 and received a Fulbright scholarship to study Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon. Only during my time in the MHCI program did I become aware of the Portugal program - I decided to switch into the program very recently. I very much enjoyed broadening my horizon at Carnegie Mellon by including design classes in my curriculum and want to continue on that path in Madeira. Especially the interdisciplinary collaboration in the HCI program appeals to me and I look very much forward to put my experience to use as well as expand my knowledge in Madeira. My personal interests include photography, contemporary arts and travel.

Joshua Luis Zúñiga Joshua Luis Zúñiga || jzuniga at andrew dot cmu dot edu

Josh Zúñiga is a student in the Masters in Human Computer Interaction program, studying at the University of Madeira and Carnegie Mellon. He holds a B.S. in Business Administration with an option in information systems from Oregon State University. Zúñiga’s work experience includes time with ATI Wah Chang in Albany, Oregon, working as a business analyst. In that position, he was responsible for gathering business requirements from users through ethnographic studies and interviews, developing use-case and technical specification documents from business requirements, and designing low / high fidelity prototypes for end user validation. He also worked as a business analyst and tester for Weyerhaeuser to develop and execute test suites against software, implement end user validation testing, gather business requirements from users, and develop use case and technical specification documents from business requirements. Zúñiga’s research interests focus on the implications of cost savings and failure rate, over time, on projects in which teams’ prototype over those that do not, and defining acceptable norms of human robot interaction. His professional goals include continuing his work in HCI doing usability studies, ethnographic research, and testing.

Eugene Danilkis
Eugene Danilkis || edanilkis at cmu dot edu

Eugene Danilkis is a student with the MHCI program. He completed his undergraduate degree in Computer Science at the University of British Columbia. Prior to enrolling in the HCI program, he worked at MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates as a software engineer developing software which controls the Canadarm2 and other robotics on the International Space Station. He was interested in the Human-Computer Interaction program because of its focus on practical training and project-based courses. In his free time, Danilkis enjoys photography, and playing sports.

Iryna Pavlyshak MHCI student

Iryna Pavlyshak || iryna at andrew dot cmu dot edu

João Rodrigues MHCI alumniJoão Pedro Barradas Rodrigues || jrodrigues at cmu dot edu

Josh Coe MHCI student

Josh Coe || jcoe at andrew dot cmu dot edu

Josh Coe, originally from Flint, MI, is a student in the Human-Computer Interaction progam. His research interests are in human-robot interaction and haptic interfaces. His previous design work includes websites, graphics, and user interfaces for projects and clients ranging from a data processing service to an entertainment magazine to a music software company. Asked why he decided to enroll in the MHCI program, Josh says that he's a “user interface nerd,” and especially interested in Carnegie Mellon’s HCI research projects. Coe is also looking forward to studying and working in Portugal. In his free time, he enjoys drawing, making music, reading, playing chess and competitive sports. He hopes to create usefully designed products and to write the Great American Novel.

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Joydeep Sengupta || jsengupt at andrew dot cmu dot edu

Joydeep Sengupta is studying the Masters of Human-Computer Interaction at the University of Madeira and Carnegie Mellon, with a previous degree in Information Science and Engineering from the Visweshwariah Technological Institute in India. Prior to joining the MHCI program, he worked as a user experience designer for Tech Mahindra Ltd and a software engineer for Wipro Technologies Ltd. Joydeep has inclination towards extensive user studies and various HCI methods to design user centered products. He chose the MHCI program because of its diverse nature, industry focused approach and reduced time frame. With a hometown of Kolkata, Joydeep's professional goals are to continue work on developing usable products that affects human life and help users achieve their goal faster and in an efficient way. During his leisure time, Joydeep likes to travel, listening to music or recording at home. He is also passionate about photography.

Frederik Pfisterer Frederik Pfisterer || pfisterer at cmu dot edu

Frederick Pfisterer is a student in the Master of Human Computer Interaction program, attending courses at the University of Madeira and at Carnegie Mellon. He holds a Bachelor of Computer Science in Media from Furtwangen University, where he also did research on interactive television user interfaces. His work experience includes being self-employed for several years doing web development projects; he was also a usability engineer for software products in the field of artificial intelligence, ontology engineering and semantic wikis at Ontoprise GmbH (Karlsruhe, Germany), and a web developer and IT consultant for web based CRM applications at relationship marketing solutions GmbH (Stuttgart, Germany). His research interests parallel Weiser, looking forward to a dawning age of calm technology, and developing technologies that make computers more ubiquitous, smart and intuitive while wasting less of people's time. He joined the MHCI program because it combines theory and research with practical project work. His professional goals are to work in an environment where he will be able to combine research, consulting, and management work to forge products that help users to do more while keeping the product economically feasible. Originally from Stuttgart, Germany, he enjoys many outdoor sports including windsurfing, cycling, and skiing.

Kátia Serralheiro MHCI studentKatia Luz Serralheiro || katialuz at cmu dot edu

Mariana Lopez
Mariana Lopez || marianal at andrew dot cmu dot edu

Mariana Lopez, originally from San José, Costa Rica, is a student in the Masters in Human-Computer Interaction program (MHCI), studying in Madeira and in Pittsburgh. She holds a bachelor of science in Computer Science from the University of Costa Rica. Prior to joining the MHCI program she worked as a software engineer at Avantica and in User Experience Design at RoundBox Global. Her research interests are making computers and tools easier and friendlier to use. She was drawn to the program she said, because she believes that one’s experience with technology can be improved through a programmer’s ingenuity, entrepreneurial spirit, and more importantly, by understanding and anticipating the needs, desires and reactions of the user. The challenge rests upon interaction designers to create programs that are in line with the capabilities of a broad spectrum of users. Her professional goals are to further her education in the area of human-computer interaction, to design tools that truly meet users’ needs, and to create innovative, user-friendly programs. In her spare time, Lopez enjoys the ballet.

/uploadedImages/people/students/Mary Barreto.bmpMary Alejandra Luiz Barreto || mbarreto at andrew dot cmu dot edu

A masters student in the Ms Human-Computer Interaction joint program between Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Madeira, Barreto received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Oportos University in September of 2007. She previously worked for UNIVA (Unidade de Inserção na Vida Activa), where she helped with professional orientation and guidance concerning the private schools job market with the support of the Employment Services of Madeira. Her research interests are in community psychology and human relationships and communication. Barreto chose the Master of Human Computer Interaction because it is an opportunity for her to explore psychology and its relation to other fields of research. She states, “It is a chance to work and learn with the best in the field and to learn through practice.” In addition to her interest in theater and film, Mary also enjoys reading and walking along the Madeira Levadas.

Nuno Laginha
Nuno Laginha || nunolaginha at gmail dot com

Nuno Laginha has recently discovered he was born to make the users happy. Therefore, not surprisingly, he is attending an Human-Computer Interaction Masters at Carnegie Mellon University. Nuno holds a BA in Communications and Multimedia Design from Instituto Politécnico de Coimbra, which gave him the ability to work in software development and multimedia design for interactive systems.

He believes in understanding the user needs as the first step to make a successful product. He is particularly interested in Service Design, Tangible Interaction and User-Centered Design in Software Development. Nuno is a work lover but like other humans he likes to spend time with his family and sport, such as tennis and soccer. Recently Nuno had the opportunity to develop projects for public administration, mobile technology and public utilities.

Sofia Nunes MHCI studentTania Sofia Nunes || tnunes at andrew dot cmu dot edu

Sofia Nunes is a master student in the Human-Computer Interaction program, studying in Madeira and Pittsburgh. She holds a degree in Clinical Psychology from the Instituto Superior de Psicologia Aplicada (ISPA) in Lisbon. Before starting her academic work in the MHCI program she taught several courses at Formajuda related to psychology. Nunes chose the MHCI program because she hopes to improve users’ quality of life with technology that is both easy and useful. Originally from Madeira, she enjoys spending time with her friends, playing sports, and reading.