MSIT-IS Program Alumni 2009

 Benjamin DurãesBenjamin Gomes da Silvia Duraes || benjamim at cmu dot edu
Bruno Miguel Garrancho Bruno Miguel Garrancho || garrancho at cmu dot edu

Bruno Garrancho is a Masters student currently studying Information Technology – Information Security (MSIT-IS) in Lisbon, Portugal. He completed his undergraduate education in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Aveiro. When looking for Masters programs, Garrancho chose this program because he felt it was a “once in a lifetime opportunity.” He has worked as a Technical Manager and is versed in BPM, C#, SQL, ASP.Net, Security, and SysAdmin, although his professional goals are to keep learning as much as he can. His personal interests include photography and painting.

 Carlos Silva

Carlos Miguel da Silva dos Santos Silva || carlos at cmu dot edu

Carlos Miguel da Silva dos Santos Silva is a student in the Master of Information Technology-Information Security program, studying at the University of Lisbon. He holds an undergraduate degree in computer engineering from the Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) of the Universidade Técnica de Lisboa. Prior to starting the MSIT-IS program, Silva worked as a network engineer and security consultant for RTSN and Portugal Telecom and as a systems administrator at the IST. His research interests include security event correlation, risk analysis, and virtualization. Silva was drawn to the MSIT-IS program to continue building his technical skills as well as the opportunity to study with two universities. His professional goals are to continue building his career in networks security and he hopes to create a develop an original idea that will make a difference in the security field. Originally from Lisbon, Silva enjoys music, sports, reading, and traveling.

 Eugénio Pinto


Eugénio Goncalves Pinto || goncalvespinto at cmu dot edu


 João Ramos

João Carlos Carvalho dos Santos Ramos || jramos at cmu dot edu


 Luís Fernandes Sousa

Luís Fernandes Sousa || luis at cmu dot edu


Nuno André Henriques LoureiroNuno André Henriques Loureiro || nuno at cmu dot edu

Nuno Loureiro is a Masters student currently studying Information Technology - Information Security (MSIT-IS) in Lisbon, Portugal. He holds a BSc in Systems and Computer Science Engineering (5-year program) from University of Algarve, Portugal. Prior to starting the MSIT-IS program, he was the technical head of SAPO Mail at Portugal Telecom. SAPO is the biggest ISP in Portugal and is part of the Portugal Telecom group. His research interests include security, distributed systems and high performante and fault-tolerant architectures for Web Applications. In his free time he enjoys travelling, hiking and climbing. To learn more about , follow his experiences through his blog.

 Ricardo RamalhoRicardo Gonçalves Ramalho || rramalho at andrew dot cmu dot edu

I'm from Cascais, Portugal. In 2001 I obtained the degree of Licenciatura in Computer and Informatics Engineering in Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), one of Portugal’s best computer engineering universities, specializing in the Systems area. My final project was a Windows 2000 Secure Filesystem.

I am employed at PT Comunicações since gradutating, first as a trainee in different areas ranging from Project Management (Novell to Exchange migration) to digital switching and signaling. Afterwards, I began a new project called Pulso, with the goal of monitoring the IS/IT and network infrastructure, detect faults, foresee potential problems and generate reliable and unbiased indicators. With these goals, the Pulso system became an event processing system designed to infer higher-level events from the basic measurements taken by network probes and system agents. Currently, i am expanding on that system as a QoS and Performance Engineer.

During that period, i also co-authored the article "Uma experiência open source para "tomar o pulso" e "ter pulso" sobre a função sistemas e tecnologias de informação" [Open-source experiment to ‘measure the pulse’ and ‘have pulse’ of SI/TI], presented in 2004 on the 4th CAPSI (Portuguese Association of Information Systems Conference). Also on the academic front, co-coached the Instuto Superior Técnico’s student MSc thesis "Risk indicator specific language", directly related with the 4th generation Pulso system. I also co-coached in 2004, two Evora’s University senior students final course project "Ticketing System" at PT Comunicações.

Sérgio NunesSérgio Rodrigues Nunes || snunes at cmu dot edu
 /uploadedImages/people/students/Tiago Mendo.jpegTiago Gomes da Silva Mendo || tiago at cmu dot edu

Tiago Gomes da Silva Mendo is currently enrolled in the Information Technology - Information Security Master program (MSIT-IS), at the University of Lisbon. He completed his undergraduate degree in Computer Science at the Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa, in Portugal. Since then, he has been working for Portugal Telecom auditing applications, systems and networks for security and performance issues. His main research interests are malware comprehension towards security automation and attack prevention techniques.

He engaged in this program to improve his knowledge in his area of interest, and to take advantage of the unique opportunity to study with a foreign university. In his spare times, he likes to travel, play tennis and enjoy a good movie.