Ph.D. Student in TCE:Cristina Maria Da Silva Carias

Cristina Maria Da Silva Carias


Advisors: Rui Baptista (IST/UTL) and Steven Klepper (CMU)
Research Interests: Entrepreneurship, Industry Agglomeration and Regional Development

Cristina Carias is interested in identifying the a priori determinants of entrepreneurial success. In addition, her research focuses in how these factors, linked to geographical localization, boost the creation of the next generation of industrial centers. Carias diverse background comes from her work in different research centers. She developed analytical applications in plasma physics and biophysics. In the industry, she worked at Portugal Telecom, the largest Portuguese telecommunications provider. She obtained a bachelors degree in Physics Engineering at Instituto Superior Tecnico, a Masters in Engineering and Management of Technology (also at Instituto superior Tecnico), a Certificate in Econometrics and Applied Prediction at Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestao. Currently, she is pursuing her Ph.D. in Technological Change and Entrepreneurship.