Ph.D. Student in  Engineering and Public Policy: Patrick Kwadwo Agyapong

Patrick Kwadwo Agyapong


Advisors: Pedro Ferreira (IST/UTL) and Marvin Sirbu (CMU)
Research Interests: Telecommunications Policy

Patrick Agyapong, an Engineering and Public Policy doctoral student studying in Lisbon and Pittsburgh, received his undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science along with his Master of Science in Communications, Systems and Electronics, both from Jacobs University, Bremen in Germany. Agyapong worked for the Cellular and Wireless Communications group at Jacobs, and he also worked for Nippon Telephone and Telegraph’s (NPP) Wireless Technologies Research Group, a subsidiary of NPP’s DoCoMo, where he developed simulation tools for interference management algorithms in decentralized networks. After completing his PhD with the Carnegie Mellon-Portugal program, Agyapong wishes to play a leading role in developing economic models and formulating policies to help businesses, regulatory bodies and governments, especially those in developing nations like Ghana, to make suitable decisions about wireless communication issues. His work will also allow him to train young people in new ways to approach multi-dimensional problems. Originally from Kumasi, Ghana, Agyapong enjoys playing and watching soccer, long walks, dancing, and traveling.