Workshop in December 2010: Frontiers in Entrepreneurship Research in Debate

On December 17-18, 2010, Catholic Lisbon, school of Business and Economics hosted the workshop "Frontiers in entrepreneurship research: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Human Capital", which gathered more than 100 participants.


The keynote speaker, Maryann Feldman from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill presented "Dealmakers and the making of a High Tech Entrepreneurial Region". During the afternoon and all Saturday, a panel of international researchers such as Peter Thompson from Florida International University, Simon Parker from University of Western Ontario and many others (amongst them Ph.D. student from the Carnegie Mellon Portugal program 'Technological Change and Entrepreneurship') presented cutting edge work on the rise of entrepreneurship as a driver of innovation, competitiveness and economic development. Each presentation was followed by comments that gave the opportunity to discuss specific items.

December 2010