Conference and Research Workshop: “User Innovation - A Paradigm Shift”

Date: November 15-16 2012
Venue: Católica-Lisbon School of Business and Economics, Portugal
Organization: Católica-Lisbon, IST/UTL, Technische Universitat Darmstadt, MIT Sloan and CMU Portugal

Scientific coordination:
   Pedro Oliveira | Católica-Lisbon School of Business and Economics
   Eric von Hippel | MIT Sloan School of Management
   Ruth Stock-Homburg | Technische Universitat Darmstadt
   Rui Baptista | Instituto Superior Técnico

November 15, 2012
18:00-20:00 - registration form here
pening Conference “User Innovation - A Paradigm Shift”
Auditório Cardeal Medeiros, Católica-Lisbon School of Business and Economics

Welcome remarks
   Dean of Católica-Lisbon, Francisco Veloso

Keynote: User Innovation - A Paradigm Shift
   Eric von Hippel, MIT-SLoan

Patients as Innovators, Pedro Oliveira, Católica-Lisbon
User Innovation in Portugal, Joana Mendonça, DGEEC-MEC

   - Jeroen de Jong, Erasmus University
   - Ruth Stock-Homburg, TU Darmstadt
   - Miguel Pina e Cunha, NOVA School of Business and Economics
   - Paula Brito e Costa, Raríssimas
   - Nuno Artur Silva, Produções Fictícias
   - Guta Moura Guedes, Experimenta Design

Closing remarks
Secretary of State of Science, Leonor Parreira


November 16, 2012
Culturgest-CGD, Lisbon

Keynote by Eric von Hippel at “Silicon Valley Comes to Lisbon"


November 16, 2012
10:30-18:00 [for more information please send an email to]
Research Workshop “User Innovation - A Paradigm Shift”
Aud. Ernst & Young and Room 522A, Católica-Lisbon School of Business and Economics

10:15 – 10:30 Welcome coffee (Executive Lounge, 3rd floor)
10:30 - 11:00 Welcome and Introductions (Aud. Ernst & Young)
11:00 - 11:30 “Setting the stage” UI - A Paradigm Shift, Eric von Hippel (MIT-Sloan)

Research session 1: Measurement Issues and Large-Scale Surveys
   • 11:30-11:50 What the Hell is Individual User Innovativeness? Definition, Conceptualization, and Scale Development
      Ruth Stock-Homburg (TU Darmstadt), Pedro Oliveira (Católica-Lisbon), Eric von Hippel (MIT-Sloan)

   • 11:50-12:10 Evidence from large scale surveys
      Jeroen de Jong (Erasmus University)

   • 12.10-12.30 User Innovation: Evidence from a Large-Scale Survey in Portugal
      Joana Mendonça (DGEEC-MEC), Catarina Afflalo (DGEEC-MEC), Ricardo Santos (DGEEC-MEC), Paul van der Boor (Católica-Lisbon, IST, Carnegie Mellon), Pedro Oliveira (Católica-Lisbon)

Lunch: 12:30-14:00

Research session 2: Users as Service Innovators
   • 14:00-14:20 Innovation by Users in Emerging Economies: Evidence from Mobile Banking Services
      Paul van der Boor (Católica-Lisbon, IST, Carnegie Mellon), Pedro Oliveira (Católica-Lisbon), Francisco Veloso (Católica-Lisbon)

   • 14:20-14:40 Bridging User Innovation and Path Creation Theory
      Hagen Habicht (HHL Leipzig)

   • 14:40-15:00 Employees as User Innovators: An Empirical Investigation of an IMS
      Leid Zejnilovic (Católica-Lisbon, IST, Carnegie Mellon), Pedro Oliveira (Católica-Lisbon), Francisco Veloso (Católica-Lisbon)

Coffee Break: 15:00 - 15:30

Research session 3: Innovation with Different Levels of User Involvement: Co-Creation, User Innovation, Crowdsourcing
   • 15:30-15:50 Should Companies Always do What the Customer Wants? The Impact of B2B Service Co-Creation on Product Innovativeness
     Ruth Stock-Homburg (TU Darmstadt), Sebastian Dreher (TU Darmstadt),

   • 15:50-16:10 Leadership in Distributed Innovation
      Andrei Villarroel (Católica-Lisbon), Paulo Lopes (Católica-Lisbon)

   • 16:10-16:30 Co-creation and Platforms for Information Sharing: The Case of
      Catharina Van Delden (innosabi)

Coffee Break: 16:30 - 17:00

• 17:00-18:30 World Café
(topics to be defined by participants, e.g. How to connect UI with Marketing? How to capture and quantify UI in services? Etc)

20:30 Farewell Dinner