Patrick Agyapong Successfully Defended his Ph.D. Thesis

 Patrick Kwadwo Agyapong

Patrick Kwadwo Agyapong, a dual degree doctoral student in Engineering and Public Policy, successfully defended his thesis titled “Economic Incentives in Content-Centric Networking: Implications for Protocol Design and Public Policy” on April 2013. Co-advised by Rui Prior, from the Faculdade de Ciências of the Universidade do Porto, and by Marvin Sirbu, from Carnegie Mellon University, Patrick Agyapong's research work focused on “how economic and social welfare analysis can be used to inform the design of a Content-Centric Networking (CCN) architecture that provides network stakeholders with incentives to deploy and use.”

The student, in conjunction with his advisors, identifies and discusses threats in the CCN content delivery model and proposes some mechanisms to address these threats. In addition, the dissertation classifies some policy implications of the CCN content delivery model and proposes some policy interventions that may lead to desirable deployment outcomes.

May 2013