Carnegie Mellon University|Portugal Program partners with the University of Texas at Austin for the 2009 Colab Mathematics Summer School and Workshop

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The summer school and workshop is a yearly event that brings together Ph.D. students and junior faculty with well known experts in the several areas of mathematics. This year, the two-week program will be held in Lisbon, Portugal at the Interdisciplinary Complex of the University of Lisbon. The week of July 13 to 17 will feature a summer school for graduate students and postdocs, with lectures by E.Carlen, P. Degond, I. Gamba, M. Katsoulakis and R. Pego. The following week of July 20 to 24 will hold a workshop featuring lectures on recent progress in this field.

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Graduate and post doctoral students are eligible to apply for funding for the first and second week of the program. 


Key Note speaker: Antonio Camera. Issues related to Digital Media
Invited workshop speakers: (* to be confirmed)

  • Juan Acebron (Universidade Tecnica de Lisboa)
  • Eli Ben Naim (Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA) (2 hour lecture)
  • Marzia Bisi (Parma, Italy)
  • Maria C. Carvalho (Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal)
  • Fabio Chalub (Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal)
  • Isabelle Choquet* (University West, Trollhattan, Sweden)
  • Anabela Cruzeiro (GFM and Instituto Superior Tecnico, Portugal)
  • Miguel Escobedo (Universidad del Pais Vasco, Spain)
  • Ester Gabetta (Universita di Pavia, Italy)
  • Wilfrid Gangbo (Gatech, USA)
  • Diogo Gomes (Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal)
  • Patricia Goncalves (Universidade do Minho, Portugal)
  • Michael Loss (Gatech)
  • Sylvie Meleard* (Ecole Polytechnique, Paris, France)
  • Stephane Mischler (Dauphine, Paris, France)
  • Clement Mouhot (Dauphine, Paris)
  • Filipe Oliveira (New University of Lisbon, Portugal)
  • Maria Joao Oliveira (CMAF and Universidade Aberta, Portugal)
  • Eugenio Regazzini (Pavia, Italy)
  • Christian Ringhofer* (Arizona State University, USA)
  • Lisa Santos (Universidade do Minho, Portugal)
  • Dejan Slepcev (Carnegie Mellon University, USA)
  • Ana Jacinta Soares (Univerdidade de Minho, Portugal)
  • Tom Spencer* (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton)
  • Giuseppe Toscani (Universita di Pavia, Italy)
  • Rui Vilela Mendes ( CMAF and Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal)
  • Cedric Villani* (ENS, Lyon, France)
  • Bernt Wennberg (Chalmers, Sweden)