Alum Ricardo Caetano Stresses Importance of Graduate Education


 Ricardo Caetano

CMU Portugal Program alumnus Ricardo Caetano was one of the first graduates from the dual degree Professional Masters in Information Networking (MSIN), taught by the Universidade de Aveiro (UA) and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). In looking back to 2008, he recalls the challenges and feels that “it was a very rewarding process,” that contributed to increase his “responsibilities and lead a very complex deployment project” at Portugal Telecom.

Currently, Ricardo Caetano integrates the Global Network Acquisition team at Google, in London. He feels that “by joining Google now, I'm able to continue my work within a different environment, with an amazing dynamic and worldwide reach.“


CMU Portugal: What memories do you keep from your time as a student in the MSIN program?
Ricardo Caetano (RC): Because it was the first year, I remember the startup process of the program with many issues being solved "on the fly." I remember the effort that all CMU members made in order to overcome the first obstacles. The program was a challenge for everyone, but I think that it was an amazing and extremely important accomplishment.

CMU Portugal: What impact did the MSIN program have on your personal and professional life?
RC: It's an extremely valuable and challenging experience, to be able to join the very best of two realities (U.S.A. and Europe). While scientifically they match and complement each other, sometimes the approaches to the problems and the methodologies are different and that's were the maximum value is obtained with this degree: to be able to have this experience of two different realities. At a more personal level, it was a very hard working environment, especially for the colleagues that came from the industry and that had to re-adapt themselves to the extremely high expectations/standards of the program. Also I need to present recognition to the companies that supported their employees and that helped/allowed them to participate in the CMU Portugal Program. Without this support it would have been very difficult to balance professional and academic life. 

CMU Portugal: In looking back to the years after your graduation, what have you achieved so far?
RC: It was a very rewarding process, I was able to increase my responsibilities and lead a very complex deployment project at my previous company. After this project I joined a very interesting area inside Portugal Telecom: the submarine cable systems area, which helped me to increase my technical and managerial knowledge. It was an area of great interest and challenge and a continuation of the trust and confidence that Portugal Telecom had in my work. I feel very fortunate to have worked at Portugal Telecom and for the support that I had at the Company. By joining Google now, I'm able to continue my work within a different environment, with an amazing dynamic and worldwide reach.

September 2013


Excerpt of a statement provided by Ricardo Caetano, during his Graduation Ceremony at CMU:
- "With my Carnegie Mellon degree, ... I'm managing the deployment of IP networks related to the core and transport networks. My expectations are that, in the near future, I will be able to combine effectively my Carnegie Mellon technical knowledge with increasing responsibilities within Portugal Telecom, combining the technical and the management aspects of the business." - Ricardo Caetano, Aveiro MSIN, Planning and Network Deployment, Portugal Telecom. (in INI website)
- Video of Ricardo Caetano and Carla Costa (alumna of the Tecnological Change and Entrepreneurship Program) – 2008


The dual degree Professional Masters in Information Networking, between Universidade de Aveiro (UA) and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), is no longer available.


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