inRes 2014: Entrepreneurial and inRes Teams

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It is useful to distinguish between two teams. The entrepreneurial team is the full group of people that are developing the startup project. The inRes team is a subset of the entrepreneurial team that participates in the immersion, and consists of two members. Ideally these two members should be founders and/or leaders of the entrepreneurial team, with the expectation of continuing to lead and remaining strongly committed to the future development of the startup project, and among the two should combine as much as possible of the core business and technology expertise available in the entrepreneurial team.

The entrepreneurial team is based in Portugal, and proposes a business project with clear product/service and business concepts, whose development is to be accelerated through the participation in inRes.

The inRes team participates in all the sessions organized in Portugal during the Preparation phase, actively engaging in both workshops and one-on-one meetings for feedback and orientation, and turning in all the requested deliverables with appropriate quality and in a timely manner.

The inRes team contributes with business and technical inputs and efforts to the development of the project throughout inRes, and actively builds and engages with a network of contacts, to obtain critical information and seed future partnerships.

Similarly to the experience of startups, the requirements and pressure of inRes can create frictions in entrepreneurial and inRes teams. The organization of inRes is not responsible for solving those problems, but will proactively help the teams diagnose those problems and facilitate solutions.

The inRes team is expected to be dedicated fulltime to inRes during the immersion period at CMU. During the preparation in Portugal, the inRes team will be fulltime dedicated to inRes during the preparation sessions, and each member is expected to dedicate a minimum of eight hours each week to the work that is required between sessions and prior to the beginning of the immersion. Participating in inRes will be very intense and challenging, and will require a very large amount of work. inRes will push teams past their comfort zone, requiring them to work at a steep pace, in uncertain settings, and reaching out for contacts to further build and validate their business project.