1st Edition of Novabase GameShifters Kicks Off With a 24-Hour Marathon 

Gameshifters image
“Shaping the way we live” is the motto of the Novabase GameShifters, a competition where participants will create new solutions that can change public services and make the lives of citizens simpler. The deadline to submit applications is April 30, and the competition will be taking place on May 9. 
Improving the relationship between citizens and public services is the goal of the 1st edition of the Novabase GameShifters competition. The idea is to show how the solutions developed can make the lives of citizens using these services simpler. The competing ideas can be presented in various formats, such as storyboards, slides, videos, wireframes, physical prototypes or apps, as long as they take into consideration the integration and use range of public services. The solutions should be unique in their functionality, usability and feasibility features.
The two ideas chosen as the most innovative solutions presented will be competing to receive prizes up to €8,000, as well as training in Design Thinking and consulting to create Crowdfunding projects (for each element of the winning teams).
The projects will be evaluated according to their business potential, degree of sophistication, level of innovation, technical implementation and/or maturity, as well as the interest demonstrated by participants in the theme and the challenges addressed during the competition.
Participants will have 24 hours to give form to their idea and to demonstrate how that solution can change the lives of citizens – because at Novabase technology only makes sense if it improves people’s lives.
The Novabase GameShifters competition will start at 8 pm on May 9, and there’s room for about 250 participants to compete during a 24-hour marathon. All participants should be over 18 years of age and they can enter the competition individually or in teams. Teams should have no more than 4 members.
Applications should be submitted on the website of Novabase GameShifters until 11:59 pm of April 30. The Regulations for the initiative are also available on the website. If you are interested in participating, you can keep up with the latest information about Novabase GameShifters on Facebook and on Twitter.