Undergraduate Internship Program: Frequently Asked Questions 

The CMU Portugal Program provides in this area the most frequent questions and answers about the Undergraduate Internship Program. If you need additional questions please send an email to info@cmuportugal.org, and we will answer promptly.


What is the Undergraduate Internship Program? 

The Undergraduate Internship Program, offered by the Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program, is an intensive short research experience for talented undergraduates, who will have the opportunity to participate in state-of-the-art research projects, interact with prominent research teams, and be mentored by leading faculty and researchers, in a cultural immersion at Carnegie Mellon University. 

Who is this Program for? 

´The Undergraduate Internship Program is specifically designed for candidates affiliated with a Portuguese research institution, university or company, who (i) holds a bachelor degree enrolled in a master program, or equivalent, at the time of application; (ii) or holds a master degree, or equivalent, granted less than 2 years before the time of application. 

What are the Program benefits? 

The Undergraduate Internship Program will grant students access to high-quality research opportunities, and allow them to develop their knowledge and skills as researchers, while opening perspectives for graduate studies and career opportunities in cutting-edge fields of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). 


How can I apply? 

To apply to the Undergraduate Internship Program the candidates should send: Curriculum Vitae, motivation letter, two recommendation letters, support statement from the host at Carnegie Mellon University, support statement from the sponsor in the Portuguese organization that the candidate is affiliated with, and a completed application form. The documents should be sent by email to the National Director of the Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program, João Claro (leadership@cmuportugal.org). 

Who defines the work plan and the timeframe of the internship? 

The goals and activities, as well as the timeframe of the internship should be defined by the candidate, in agreement with the host at CMU and the sponsor in Portugal. 

Who can be the sponsor in Portugal? 

The sponsor in Portugal can be a professor or a mentor in a Portuguese organization (university, research lab or company) with whom the candidate is working. 

Who can be the host at CMU? 

The host at CMU can be a faculty member or a researcher already linked with the CMU Portugal or not.

What should the candidates do if they do not have any contact at CMU? 

The candidates may visit the CMU Portugal Program webpage, where they will be able to find the profile of faculty members at CMU who are already working with Portuguese faculty members in the scope of the Program. The candidates can invite faculty members at CMU that are not linked with the CMU Portugal Program, but that are carrying out research in the ICT area. The ICTI offices are available to bridge this contact, if needed (info@cmuportugal.org). 


What kind of support will the admitted candidates receive? 

The candidates admitted to the Undergraduate Internship Program will receive an international bachelor-level mobility grant to cover their living expenses during the eight to twelve week stay at CMU (Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia – Stipends values). Additionally, the CMU Portugal Program expects to provide support for the plane trips between Portugal and Pittsburgh. 

What happens if the candidate already receives a grant from FCT? 

To be able to receive the international bachelor-mobility grant, the researcher has to suspend the other grant. 


Who will review the applications?  

A panel of academics reviewers will assess the submitted applications, according to the criteria: (i) Curriculum and references; (ii) Motivation; (iii) Work program; (iv) Hosting conditions. 

How many applications will be funded? 

The number of applications funded will depend on their scope and quality, as well as on the availability of funds. 

How does a candidate know if he/she has been selected? 

The CMU Portugal Program will send all candidates an email, informing them on the results of the applications. The selection process is expected to take one month.

Last update: January, 2016


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