inRes Program: An Outstanding Experience for Followprice

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left to right: Gonçalo Mendes, Dave Mawhinney and Vasco Moreira 
After 14 days in Pittsburg for the immersion period of the 2014 edition of the inRes Program, Vasco Moreira and Gonçalo Mendes, members of the Followprice team, are sure of one thing about the inRes Program: it is a “huge opportunity”. “After 14 days, we can say that every day was outstanding and none of them will be forgotten,” they state. The Followprice team also stresses the opportunity to improve their project, the atmosphere at Project Olympus, the mentoring and the teachers as valuable assets. They hope that this opportunity to interact with US consumers will help them to improve their product. 

CMU Portugal: What were the most important moments on these two weeks, and why?
Vasco Moreira and Gonçalo Mendes [VM and GM]:
The opportunity to be in Pittsburgh is great. Rogério Carapuça – CEO at Novabase – told us at the dinner sponsored by the CMU Portugal Program that luck is when preparation meets opportunity. We only need to know whether we are prepared or not because we are convinced that this is the opportunity. After 14 days, we can say that every day was outstanding and none of them will be forgotten. Of all these fantastic moments, we can highlight the “Launch CMU” and the “3 Rivers Fair Venture”.

CMU Portugal: How do you describe your office at Project Olympus?
[VM and GM]:
Project Olympus is a very nice space, it is comfortable and has all the resources required for any startup to perform adequately. Furthermore, we have the opportunity to contact with other Pittsburgh and International startups.

CMU Portugal: In what sense do you feel that this immersion is important for you as professionals and for your project?
[VM and GM]:
As professionals this is a unique opportunity to learn in one of the best universities in the world. We also have the opportunity to improve our project and to take it to a higher level by being mentored by top professionals at CMU. The mentoring from top professionals allows us to improve and elevate our project.
followprice 2  

CMU Portugal: What are the main expectations for the next weeks?  

[VM and GM]: While we are here, we want to learn as much as we can in the workshops and classes taught by top level teachers. We also want to interact with US customers. This gives us a unique perspective of how our product may focus on the needs of our clients. We are also organizing a “focus group” at CMU to help us discover consumer needs and their perception of Followprice.
October, 2014


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inRes, short for “in Residence,” is a very early stage acceleration program for entrepreneurial teams working in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), in Portugal, offered by the Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program.