MaRFlex - Compliant Robotics Hands with Integrated Soft MEMS Skin

 Mahmoud Tavakoli 2  Carmel Majidi 2  "Development of a fully integrated robotic hand with soft joints and soft MEMS sensors is a start point for the team, to reach ambitious goals in the areas related with applications of soft robots in wearable devices, and in order to make an impact on the life quality of the society. In addition this project fosters areas related with Soft Robots, soft sensors, soft MEMS and soft electronics in Portugal through organization of workshops and realization of MSc and Ph.D. dissertation in this field." Mahmoud Takavoli and Carmel Majidi 
Portuguese PI
Mahmoud Tavakoli (ISR)
Carmel Majidi (RI)

Research teams: ISR-UC; CMU
Funding Reference: FCT CMUP-EPB/TIC/0036/2013 
Duration: 12 months 
Keywords: Grasping, Medical Prosthesis; Soft Robots and Soft MEMS, Robotics

This project intends to launch collaboration between the Institute of Systems and Robotics of the Universidade de Coimbra and Carmel Majidi’s group at CMU in order to foster some areas related with the soft technologies. Dr. Tavakoli’s group in ISR-UC has recently developed a very successful and promising prototype of the “ISR-SoftHand” which integrates complaint and rigid elements into a robotic system with applications in medical prosthesis and industrial pick and place. Carmel Majidi in the Robotics Institute of CMU has an extensive record on development of soft sensors and actuators and soft-lithography micro-fabrication.
At this stage the exploratory project aims at modeling and integration of soft electronics and soft sensors into the ISR-SoftHand. This work will lead toward development of all integrated prototypes, and commercialization of the prototype for two applications, industrial application and medical prosthesis. 


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