SANS - Self-Adaptating NoSQL Stores

Luís Eduardo Rodrigues  David Garlan  "This project will significantly advance the state of the practice in the use of NoSQL stores, by developing new mechanisms for their autonomic run-time reconfiguration, integrating and improving previous results of the participating teams in the context of an industrial-strength application." Luís Teixeira Rodrigues and David Garlan 
Portuguese PI
Luís Teixeira Rodrigues (INESC-ID/IST-UL) 
David Garlan


Research teams: INESC ID/IST-UL; FCUL; CMU
Funding Reference: FCT CMUP-EPB/TIC/0042/2013
Duration: 12 months 
Keywords: Autonomic-computing; Autonomic computing; Self-adaptation, Distributed systems; Key-value store; Adaptation policies 

Over the past few years “big data” storage and analysis has emerged a central concern, impacting virtually all industrial sectors that that rely on computation. Central to modern implementations for highly scalable data storage is the use of novel storage mechanisms, sometimes referred to as “NoSQL” stores. However, despite their increasing popularity such data stores present a number of challenges – both theoretical and practical. Chief among these challenges is the ability to dynamically adapt and reconfigure the data store in response to  workload changes. This exploratory project will address this challenge directly, providing methods and tools for run-time reconfiguration of distributed NoSQL data stores, by combining complementary approaches that have been developed independently by the included teams, to build a powerful holistic autonomic manager for distributed NoSQL data stores. 


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