Innovation in Aeronautics Roundtables: Uncertainty, Globalization and Skills  

1st Innovation in Aeronautics Roundtable: Fostering Global Supply Networks for the Aeronautics Industry in Portugal

Date: 16th January 2015 | 09h30-16h00
Venue: INESC TEC, Porto, Portugal

The Innovation in Aeronautics Roundtables is a series of debates designed with the purpose to foster the exchange of ideas between different players on critical issues on aeronautical development. The goal is to discuss research results and directions using complementary viewpoints from industrial partners, in order to allow the development of a comprehensive perspective on the opportunities and challenges faced by the aeronautics. More specifically, issues regarding the uncertainty in which the industry is expected to develop, fostering a global perspective in the discussion, and addressing the critical issues of skills development in and for the industry are expected to be discussed. 

These roundtables are organized in the scope of the Entrepreneurial Research Initiative - Innovation Dynamics in Aeronautics and Embraer in Évora: Towards a Distributed Platform for Entrepreneurial Initiatives, New Employment and Skills Development -, of the CMU Portugal Program, funded by FCT.


09h30 Welcome  

              Artur Pimenta Alves (INESC TEC / FEUP)


              Joana Mendonça (IN+ / IST)

09h45 Keynote Speech  

              John Whalley (Aerospace Wales Forum)

10h30 Global Supply Networks in Uncertainty  


               Ricardo Reis (Embraer)


              Nuno Ferreira (IN+/IST) - Actors, trust and autonomy in the aeronautics industry

              Ana Cristina Barros (INESC TEC) - Forming and managing supply networks

              Maria João Corte-Real (IN+/IST) - Skill specialization in the aeronautics industry


              Júlio Martins (Idea.M)

              Sérgio Oliveira (PEMAS)

11h45 Coffee Break 

12h00 From Lab to Market, From Market to Lab  


              José Sampaio (INEGI)


              Hugo Faria (INEGI) - Advanced materials for the aeronautics industry

              Cláudio Santos (INESC TEC) - Developing a firm’s technology strategy

              Joana Mendonça (IN+/IST) - Challenges for the integration of entrepreneurial initiatives


              Celeste Pereira (HPS)

              João Claro (CMU Portugal Program)

13h15 Lunch 

14h30 Technology Development for Aeronautics   


              Manuel de Freitas (IDMEC) 


              Anabela Reis (IN+/IST) - On the technological change in aeronautics: the wing evolution

              Jaime Bonnin (CMU/IST) - Role of additive manufacturing in aeronautics: feasibility analysis through process-based cost modelling of metal components

              Francisco Cunha (CEIIA) – Center of Aeronautics Engineering


              José Neves (GMV)

              Gustavo Dias (Critical Materials)

15h45 Closing 

              Ana Cristina Barros (INESC TEC)

16h00 Coffee/ Networking