inRes 2014: Four Portuguese Startups in Pittsburgh

The Portuguese radio station TSF interviewed our four Portuguese inRes teams about their path through the program promoted by the CMU Portugal Program, funded by the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia. In the scope of inRes, eight Portuguese entrepreneurs benefited from a very early stage acceleration program which included a training period in Portugal, and approximately two months in Pittsburgh, anchored at Carnegie Mellon University. 
Vasco Moreira (Followprice), Rui José (Displr), João Rodrigues (Xhockware - Youbeep), and Bruno Azevedo (AddVolt - WeTruck) briefly talked about their startups’ recent developments. 
Listen to the interviews at TSF (February 04, 2015) 


inRes is a very early stage acceleration program for entrepreneurial teams working in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), in Portugal, offered by the Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program. A new call is expected to be launch in 2015!