ANJE Startup Accelerator - Call for Applications

The National Association of Young Entrepreneurs (ANJE) has launched an initiative to support the development of new startups, the ANJE Startup Accelerator. The program aims to support the creation of 10 technology-based startups and the selected groups may be awarded a prize up to 22,000 euros per project.

The acceleration program has a six-week duration (May and June 2015) and uses an innovative methodology, which focuses attention on the so-called "hard" and "soft skills" of entrepreneurs, as well as the conduct of the participating projects. It will cover the 4 sequential phases that generically correspond to the common process of evolution of a business idea for a start-up:

Phase 1: Launching the Call by means of an on-line application form: 

    Open Call Period: 13 – 26/04/2015

    Publication of results: 30/04/2015

Phase 2: Workshop introducing the Lean Start-up methodology and selection of 10 teams/projects that will move on to the next phase.

    Workshop date: 05, 06, 12, 13, 19, 20 and 26/05/2015

    Publication of results (10 teams/projects): 26/05/2015 

Phase 3: Six-week acceleration programme at ANJE in Porto – Portugal for 10 teams/start-ups, maximum 30 participants.

    Start-up acceleration period: 27/05/2015 to 30/06/2015

    Location: ANJE, Rua Paulo Gama, 4169-006 Porto

Phase 4: Entrepreneurship Conference

    DemoDay will be a 5-minute presentation, with slides/video for each start-up  and panels to debate the latest technological trends and emerging markets.

    Date: June 2015

The application must be submitted at