Study Confirms Positive Impact of International Partnerships in Portugal

The partnerships established between the Portuguese Institutions and the American Universities, Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program, UT Austin Portugal Program and the MIT Portugal Program, have been found to benefit the Portuguese Institutions, in a recent study. These initiatives have brought innovation to courses plans and research in Portugal, encouraged collaboration networks and attracted foreign students.

The research analyzed the way the international partnerships between American Institutions and the Portuguese government have influenced the relations and networks among the Portuguese Institutions and their connection to the USA; among researchers, students and the connection of all these players with industry.  In statement to Lusa (Agência Lusa), the research team coordinator, Teresa Patrício of Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE), said “It has been an very interesting venture, that involves top American universities, that have a rich and long experience in industry collaboration, helping students find employment and creating relationships with companies.”

Read the full article at Oje Online, Diário Digital, Destak and Correio da Manhã Online (June 24, 2015)