inRes 2015 Startup AdaptTech - Frederico Carpinteiro and Mário Espinoza Present AdaptTech

In this week’s Buzzmedia startup profile section, AdaptTech’s co-founders Frederico Carpinteiro and Mário Espinoza present their company and product, in a first-person account of their motivations for the business. AdaptTech’s focus is to improve the adaptation process that amputees go trough in finding the right prosthetic match.

AdaptTech is one of four selected startups of the 2015 edition of inRes, the early stage acceleration program of the Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program. Frederico and Mário also detail their experience so far in this program and reveal their expectations for the upcoming immersion period with Carnegie Mellon University.

Read the full article at Buzzmedia Online (September 14, 2015)