inRes 2014

Xhockware: the Supermarket Checkout Register in Your Smartphone

João Rodrigues and João Névoa, the founders of Xhockware, plan to change consumers’ experience at retail stores with their smartphone application, YouBeep. This app allows for a faster checkout time, by pre-registering the items the shopper selects while walking around the store. At the checkout register, the client completes the transaction without having to scan items. In an interview to Dinheiro Vivo, João Rodrigues talks about the smartphone app his startup has created, the companies’ milestones so far and the expansion plans for the near future.

Xhockware was one of the selected teams for the 2014 edtion of inRes, a very early stage acceleration program, coordinated by the CMU Portugal Program, for Portuguese entrepreneurial teams working in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). The participating teams benefit from the exposure to a highly dense environment of world-leading research groups, and market and industry specialists, in a variety of high-tech areas. The inRes 2015 teams are already in the USA (more).

Read the full article at Dinheiro Vivo Online and Diário de Notícias Online (October 17, 2015)