inRes 2016: Application and Selection

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The two team members that will participate in the inRes Initiative should submit the application form in English, on behalf of an entrepreneurial team. The application form will identify and describe: the team and the two members that will participate in inRes; the endorsers; the technology, product/service and market, business model; the development stage and path to market. The application form is now available.

The application form, CVs, motivation letters, and a minimum of two reference letters must be sent by email to The deadline for submission of applications is May 16th, 2016.  

Selection Process

Selection starts immediately after application, and is structured as a two-stage process:

- the first stage includes an in-person interview and selects the set of teams that will have access to Phase 1: Preparation in Portugal;

- the second stage takes place throughout Phase 1 - Preparation in Portugal, and selects the set of teams will have access to Phase 2: Immersion at CMU.

In-Person Interview

As part of the selection process, all the applicants will be interviewed in person or by videoconference by the core team of experts. The interviews will be conducted in Porto, Coimbra and Lisbon, using videoconference facilities at local universities, if necessary. The in-person interviews will be scheduled.

Evaluation Criteria  

The CMU Portugal Program is looking for applications with:
- a strong and committed team, capable of taking advantage of an immersion period in the US;
- an ICT-based product/service, with proven technical feasibility, a clear value proposition, and a clear competitive advantage;
- a product/service that caters to a strong need, in a large market, with a favorable competitive position;
- a realistic path to market;
- a reasonable level of initial interactions with target markets and industries, and minimally consistent product/service and business concepts;
- projects that do not yet have steady and significant revenue streams.

Evaluation Panel

The evaluation panel includes a group of specialists of the inRes network and the directors of the CMU Portugal Program. 

Results Announcement

The results will be communicated by email to the applicants.