inRes 2016: Eligibility and Support

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The two team members that will participate in the inRes Initiative should submit the application form in English, on behalf of an entrepreneurial team. The application form will identify and describe: the team and the two members that will participate in inRes; the endorsers; the technology, product/service and market, business model; the development stage and path to market. The application form is now available.



Portuguese citizens or citizens of other countries who hold permanent resident status in Portugal, holding a master degree, are eligible to apply to inRes.
Only projects that are not yet established regularly selling products/services may apply. 


inRes Support

There are no fees for participation in any of the activities of the inRes initiative. The CMU Portugal Program expects to support each participant with the plane trips between Portugal, Pittsburgh and Silicon Valley, and to cover living expenses during the seven weeks stay. 

Although each inRes team member may choose where to live, there are several housing options that are offered at a reduced Carnegie Mellon University rate. There are also several boarding houses, which may be available. In order to have access to the Carnegie Mellon University rates, the inRes team members must indicate that they are visiting on behalf of Carnegie Mellon University. 

The decisions to start and to keep running inRes, as well as the actual number of admitted teams, will depend on the availability of funds, the number and quality of the submitted proposals, and the actual number of teams and individuals that register, and are committed to, and actively participating in, the initiative at any time.