Project based on 3D with big game-developing industry expectations

CMU Portugal inRes Startup Launches its Flagship Product Worldwide

Sceelix is one of the four selected projects of the 2015 edition of inRes 

Sceelix team  Sceelix, one of the four selected projects of the 2015 edition of inRes, the early stage acceleration program of the Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program (CMU Portugal), has just launched its flagship product and it is available worldwide. 

“One year has passed since we started Sceelix as an entrepreneurial venture and today we can happily announce the launch of our flagship product. The inRes CMU Portugal Program helps us along this journey on several fronts. Value proposition communication and contact with several fields in our main potential market – the United States - were two key points that have helped us in the short term and will surely bare fruit in the medium and long terms to come”, reveals the co-founder Francisco Rebello de Andrade.  

The software allows the creation of 3D scenes and other content (like terrains, vegetation or cities) in a more efficient and manageable way, and with less hassle, using procedural generation technology. It is also possible to export or integrate the resulting creations directly into the Unity’s game engine and more engines will follow.  

“Procedural generation technology consists of creating digital content from algorithms, rules and parameters, allowing you, for instance, to simulate the growth patterns of vegetation or mimic the architectural style of a city. Because of its parameterized nature, it makes it easy for you to change the size of your scene to something 10 times bigger with a simple change of a parameter. Sceelix lets you define all the aspects of your scene through its very own visual language, making it easier to manage and control”, emphasize Sceelix co-founders Francisco Rebello de Andrade and Pedro Silva. 

Procedural generation can also be used to generate scenes at runtime, method used in several game types like roguelikes and infinite-runners, and specific games like Diablo 3, Minecraft and the highly anticipated by the gaming community No Man’s Sky, that is coming out this June. 


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* Sceelix - Create and Manage your 3D Scenes Smartly - was founded by Pedro Silva and Francisco Rebello de Andrade in 2015 and was one of the four selected projects of the 2015 edition of inRes, the early stage acceleration program of the CMU Portugal Program. inRes provides a training period in Portugal, followed by a seven-week structured immersion period in the U.S., anchored at the Carnegie Mellon University campuses in Pittsburgh and in Silicon Valley. The startup is located at UPTEC, Science and Technology Park of University of Porto. 

April 2016