CMU Portugal PI :: Manuela Veloso 

CMU Portugal Principal Investigator Named Head of Machine Learning Department at Carnegie Mellon University

Manuela Veloso photo 

Manuela Veloso, CMU Portugal Program (CMU Portugal) Principal Investigator for the ERI INSIDE, and renowned Portuguese researcher at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), is the new head of Carnegie Mellon University’s Machine Learning Department (MLD).

“Carnegie Mellon’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) community has long nurtured the field of machine learning — software that acquires knowledge and improves its performance with experience — culminating in the creation of the world’s first Machine Learning Department 10 years ago,” Andrew Moore, dean of the School of Computer Science, said when interviewed by CMU.

“Manuela is the embodiment of this legacy. Her knowledge of all aspects of AI and her dedication make her the perfect person to lead MLD now that machine learning has emerged as a major component of the world’s economy.”

 Manuela Veloso has also been advisor to several CMU Portugal dual degree PhD students in Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering.

The computer scientist, known for her work in artificial intelligence and robotics, has been collaborating with CMU since 1992 as a faculty member after earning her PhD in computer science at the same university.