AddVolt was one of the teams of the first edition of inRes 

AddVolt Launches WeTruck in Partnership with Luís Simões

One of the teams of the 2014 CMU Portugal inRes edition, AddVolt, successfully launched WeTruck in partnership with Luís Simões, a Portuguese logistics company.

WeTruck is a technology that produces, retrieves and stores electricity on board trucks and directs to the transport’s refrigeration system, as an alternative to diesel. This innovation combines solar and kinetic energy, helping to "reduce CO2 production, noise and vehicle maintenance needs".

"Generally, we describe WeTruck [technology] as a sustainable electricity tank, because it replaces the current diesel tank, used on road transport of goods, in the truck or trailer," Bruno Azevedo, one of the founders the AddVolt, told Lusa.

Read the articles in the Portuguese press Jornal de Negócios, Notícias ao Minuto, Pós-Venda (September 9, 2016) and in the specialized periodicals Europa Press, Make Me Feed (August 22, 2016) Ecotícias (August 23, 2016) Store Magazine (August 24, 2016) Góndola Digital (August 31, 2016). The Austrian newspaper Der Standard and the quarterly magazine Renováveis Magazine also published articles about AddVolt's solution.