European Researchers Night 2016 is a science promoting event all over Europe

CMU Portugal Program Represented at European Researchers Night 2016

CMU Portugal Program Dual Degree PhD student Carla Viegas and Patient Innovation member Salomé Azevedo were at the 2016 European Researchers Night demonstrating their work. In Portugal, the annual European Researchers Night event took place in Lisbon, Porto, Braga and Funchal simultaneously on the last day of September 2016.

This year’s event was themed “Ciência do Dia-a-Dia” (Everyday Science), featuring several stands where researchers demonstrated their work and its direct impact on people’s daily lives. Carla Viega was demonstrating her app to help kids with their speech therapy and Salomé Azevedo was at the Patient Innovation booth, promoting the platform.

See the coverage of the event on Sic Notícias (Carla Viegas speaks at minute 1:00) and RTP 1 (Salomé Azevedo on at 2:20) (October 3, 2016)