One of the participating teams of inRes 2015

Playsketch Plans to Launch App in 2017

CMU Portugal Program inRes team, Playsketch, has announced that they plan to release their videogame creation app in 2017. Their application, with the same name, started as an idea the founders, Pedro Santa and Luís Pereira, had seven years ago and now it becomes a reality. 

Playsketch is a Coimbra based startup and one of the four teams that participated in the 2015 edition of the inRes program. They showcased at the 1st Maker Faire in Pittsburgh and have also won Exame Informática’s Honorable Mention in the software category, at the publication’s annual awards.

The Playsketch app is aimed at the younger audience, but adults will enjoy it too. "The experience of facing a blank sheet of paper is very liberating and we think it is a more natural way for people to express themselves, and maybe even invent stories", explained Pedro Santa, co-founder.

To create a game, all the user needs is a pen, paper and a smartphone. After drawing up the elements to the game, the user takes a picture of it and the game traces it, recognizing the elements. With the image, the app creates the game based on templates of game themes, like “racing” or “match 3” and “space invaders”.

The beta version is available by registration on the website and the final version is expected in 2017.


October 2016


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