CMU Portugal is Making the Portuguese Science and Innovation More Competitive


The Portuguese periodical Público interviewed CMU Portugal Program’s national director, João Claro, about the celebration of ten years of the protocol signature that officialized the partnership.

On the interview, Prof. João Claro talks about CMU Portugal's mission, the tangible results obtained so far and the preparation of the third phase of the Program. The program is completing ten years, during which it involved more than 120 Portuguese companies, generated 11 startups that created 200 jobs and attracted around 15 million euros of private investment in research projects.

On CMU Portugal’s contribution to the country, the National Director says: “We have fulfilled our mission: to make Portuguese science and innovation more competitive in the area of information and communication technologies. The Program covers the knowledge value chain, from the most fundamental research to working hand in hand with business and with a very particular focus on the international collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University (CMU).

Read the interview in Portuguese at Público Online (November 18, 2016)