inRes 2016 Team Soft-Bionics won Innostars Awards

The 2016 inRes team Soft-Bionics was mentioned as one of the two winners of the Innostars Awards, an initiative by EIT Health, a consortium created in the scope of EU’s initiative Horizon 2020. The monthly magazine País Positivo published an extended piece on the consortium and health related innovation.

Soft-Bionics won the Innostars Awards competition that awarded two Coimbra projects with a prize of 10,000 Euros for the early-stage development of promising business concepts. Their project, Smart-Insole, is a technological solution which consists of a pressure-mapping film that can be used in various rehabilitation applications for patients suffering from foot disorders. This type of elastic electronics allows continuous monitoring of patients. This technology focuses on man-machine adaptable interfaces and wearables that can be used for the biomedical interface between human organs and intelligent machines. 

The startup is also connected to the Entrepreneurial Research Initiative “STRETCHTRONICS: Soft and Stretchable Mechatronics for Wearable Devices: Fabrication, Implementation and Applications, through the participation of Prof. Mahmoud Tavakoli.


Read the Portuguese article at País Positivo (PDF version) (November 1, 2016)