Frederico Carpinteiro Represents Adapttech on RTP 3

Frederico Carpinteiro, co-founder and CEO of the inRes 2015 startup Adapttech, was the guest in the television program "3 às 10" of RTP3, the public news television channel in Portugal. Keeping with the program’s format, Frederico commented on three current news items and talked about his startup and the transforming effect the inRes initiative had on his company: "If it had not been for inRes we would never have received investment, and so, being at the point where we are now, it allowed us to validate our entire business model, get in touch with several clients, validate our technology and needs, and receive amazing support, and to have a great network of contacts that, after returning to Portugal, allowed us to raise funds. "

Watch the complete interview in Portuguese in the CMU Portugal Program YouTube channel (December 7, 2016)