Manuela Veloso: “AI is a wake-up call to Humanity”

Carnegie Mellon University’s (CMU) head of the machine learning department, Manuela Veloso, was interviewed by the Portuguese online publication “Observador” during a recent visit to Portugal to speak at a debate.

Manuela Veloso is a world refence and award-wining researcher in the AI field, with a career spanning two decades, having co-founded the RoboCup, presided over the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, and created the Coral Laboratory.

In the interview, Manuela Veloso explains her belief that soon humans and intelligent systems will be inseparable, together in a continuous exchange of information and goals that she calls “symbiotic autonomy.” The professor makes predictions for a very near future and for the effects of that the coming AI evolution will have on our daily lives. “If there is this fear, this apprehension, then mankind has to come together so that there is no possibility for artificial intelligence, robotics, and machine learning to dominate humanity. But it must be mankind not wanting it. Because technology itself does not "want".”

Read the Portuguese article at Observador Online (December 13, 2016)