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inRes, offered by the CMU Portugal Program, involves a variety of core experts and guest speakers with different experiences. Core experts are professionals and faculty who serve as core advisors and instructors of the initiative. They have significant careers, experience and knowledge in the area, and are familiar with the principles and content of the initiative. Guest speakers are non-lecturing professionals or supporting faculty with expertise in a specific area of interest. In most cases, they will have limited familiarity with the initiative and its objectives, but extensive knowledge in the areas of interest.  



João Claro inRes 2015 

inres 2015 The inRes Network Dave Mawhinney 

 inRes 2015 The inRes Network Tara Branstad 2 

João Claro
National Director
CMU Portugal Program

Dave Mawhinney
Executive Director
Swartz Center of Entrepreneurship, Carnegie Mellon University

Tara Branstad 
Associate Director 
Center for Technology Transfer and Enterprise Creation 

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inRes 2015 The inRes Network Reed McManigle 

inRes 2015 The inRes Network Suzi Pegg 


Reed McManigle 
Senior Manager
  Business Development and Licensing, Carnegie Mellon University

Suzi Pegg 
Vice President International, Pittsburgh Regional Alliance 

Kit Needham
Entrepreneur-in-Residence Project Olympus, Carnegie Mellon University

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 Craig Markovitz 3   Robb_Myer_edited 

Alípio Torre
Assistant Director
CMU Portugal Program

Craig Markovitz
CEO, Blue Belt

Robb Myer
Entrepreneur-in-Residence Carnegie Mellon University
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Guest Speakers of the inRes Past Editions   




 Bruno Azevedo  David Sobrinho   João Paulo Rodrigues 

 Bruno Azevedo
CEO, Addvolt

 David Sobrinho
CMO, Xhockware

 João Paulo Rodrigues
CEO, Xhockware

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 inRes 2015 The inRes Network Mário Zenha-Rela   inres 2015 The inRes Network Paulo Marques  inRes 2015 The inRes Network Pedro Guedes Oliveira 

Mário Zenha-Rela
Co-founder of RedLight

Paulo Marques
CTO of Feedzai

Pedro Guedes de Oliveira
Department Head at Faculdade de Engenharia of the Universidade do Porto

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 inres 2015 The inRes Network Rogério Carapuça   Ricardo Soares   inRes 2015 The inRes Network Vasco Pedro 

Rogério Carapuça 
Chairman of Novabase

Ricardo Soares 
COO, Addvolt

Vasco Pedro
CEO of Unbabel

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 Albert Ciuskza   inRes 2014 Barbara Carryer   inRes 2015 CBrennan 

Albert Ciuksza, Portabeer

Babs Carryer, University of Pittsburgh Innovation Institute

Cathy Brennan, VP for Sales & Marketing at DataBanque

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 Craig Markovitz 3   inRes 2014 DMeinert  Jake Witherell 

 Craig Markovitz
CEO, Blue Belt

 Denis Meinert
Head of Finance at Duolingo

  Jake Witherell
COO, Schell Games

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 inRes 2014 JDick  inRes 2014 KOConnell   inRes 2014 LMacLaren 

John Dick, President and CEO, Civic Science

Kevin O'Connell, Senior VP of Marketing at Eat'n Park

Lorena MacLaren, Associate Director for Corporate Relations at CMU

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 inRes 2015 The inRes Network Nikhil Balram  inRes 2014 NSadeh   Tom Galluzo 

Nikhil Balram, President and CEO of Ricoh Innovations Corporation

Norman Sadeh, Wombat Security Systems

Tom Galluzo, Founder and CEO, IAM Robotics

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Silicon Valley 



 Cosme Fagundo   Cynthia Kuo 2   Gladys Mercier 2 

Cosme Fagundo
Treasurer, Sand Hill Ventures

Cynthia Kuo
Co-Founder, Vibrado

Gladys Mercier
Director of Software Management, CMU SV

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 Ian Lane 2  Jon Cagan   Joy Zhang 

 Ian Lane
Research Assistant Professor, CMU

Jon Cagan
Co-Founder and Director, Integrated Innovation Institute

Joy Zhang
Research Scientist, Facebook

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 inRes 2015 The inRes Network Nikhil Balram   Nuno Gonçalves Pedro   Quinn Jacobson 

Nikhil Balram
CEO, Ricoh Innovations

Nuno Gonçalves Pedro
CEO, Strive Capital

Quinn Jacobson
Co-Founder, Vibrado

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 Radek Grzesczuk   Ravi Thomas  Stuart Evans 

Radek Grzeszczuk
Senior Group Manager, Uber

 Ravi Thomas
CFO, EngageClick

 Stuart Evans
Professor, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, CMU

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 Wendy Fong   Yu Seung Kim   

Wendy Fong
Sr. Strategic Programs Manager, CMU

Yu Seung Kim
Researcher, Ford Motor


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last update: March, 2017