Portuguese Professor Presents VR2Market Project at the United Nations Humanitarian ICT Forum

Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto professor, INESC TEC researcher and CMU Portugal VR2Market PI, João Paulo Cunha presented the project at the United Nations emergency response conference, the Humanitarian ICT Forum, titled "The Participation Revolution: Empowering Affected People", that aims to find solutions for people affected by conflicts and natural disasters. 

The project is being developed by an INESC TEC team, lead by Professor Cunha in conjunction with Carnegie Mellon University and the startup Incident Aid. "The systems we are going to present are wearable sensors to monitor the positioning on the ground, the vital signs for fatigue, heat exposure, and stress levels, from first responders such as paramedics or firefighters, integrated with emergency communications and alarm information systems, and critical event management, such as natural disaster situations”, Professor Cunha explained.

The coordinator of the Biomedical Engineering Center of INESC TEC is thus the only Portuguese that will be in this event, organized by UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) at Google’s headquarters, that brings together almost two hundred professionals from technology companies, humanitarian agencies, universities, and Governmental entities organizations.

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