Fronteiras XXI: A Debate on the Future of Work

Carnegie Mellon University’s Head of Machine Learning Department and CMU Portugal PI, Professor Manuela Veloso was one of the guests on the episode of “Fronteiras XXI”, a television program in debate form, on public television network RTP 1. The theme was “What will the future of work look like?” and the other guests present were António Moniz, sociologist and professor at Universidade Nova de Lisboa and Inst. Karlsruhe; Manuel Carvalho da Silva, University of Coimbra professor and former CGTP (Portuguese labor unions) leader; and João Paulo Oliveira, CEO of The Navigator Company.

The debate focused on the predictions of the coming effects of what is called the fourth industrial revolution, that will be an increasingly automated business world. A video report was shown at the beginning of the program, that featured Pedro Oliveira, Patient Innovation co-founder and Principal Investigator for the  TEIPL project and professor at Católica-Lisbon School of Business & Economics, talking extensively about the subject as well. The AHA: Augmented Human Assistance ERI was another CMU Portugal Program project that was referenced, with the presence of its robot, Vizzy.  

Watch the debate in Portuguese at RTP Play (March 15, 2017).