inRes Team’s Technology Can Revolutionize Wireless Communications

Explaining the work of this new technologies startup can be a complex task, but its products have the potential to revolutionize the day-to-day life of several companies and even of each one of us, in our homes. When Carlos Ribeiro, a faculty member at the Instituto Politécnico de Leiria, was working on the research for his postdoctoral degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, at the University of Aveiro, the next step seemed obvious to him: to market the technology. His innovation is implementing high-speed radio links for real-time communication between machines for the future 5G systems, this is what TWEvo (Tactile Wireless Evolution) Lda focuses on.

After four years of research, Carlos Ribeiro considered that it was time to apply for the CMU Portugal Program inRes initiative, with a business project. He and his business partner, Eduardo Castañeda, went to the United States in October last year, as part of inRes immersion period, to share his idea and to meet with some of the world's top communications companies, such as Samsung or Huawei. After almost 30 meetings with prospective clients, he was convinced that his business idea had potential.

Since their return from the United States, the process of setting up the business, improving technology, and especially networking is happening at a very fast pace. "I'm even a little surprised by the number of contacts and the speed with which everything has happened," Carlos said.

Read the Portuguese article at Jornal de Leiria (June 1, 2017)