Manuela Veloso - Humans Will Adapt at the Speed that Technology Evolves

Manuela Veloso explains how she tries to create robots capable of explaining themselves and learning by being given explanations. Besides the best use of available information, it is necessary to develop software for robots capable of producing explanations.

The Head of the Machine Learning department at Carnegie Mellon University, CMU Portugal Program PI and renown AI authority, Manuela Veloso maintains that this technological area is still far from fully developed, at least to the potential it shows.

In an interview by the online tech publication, ComputerWorld, Manuela Veloso explains that our relation with artificial intelligence will be collaborative and gradual, as humans and machines will assist each other in complementary tasks. She also reiterates that some jobs will not be replaced in the near future, as technology is not that advanced yet, and most people will be able to learn new skills or apply their current ones to new tasks.

Read the Portuguese interview at ComputerWorld Online (July 20, 2017)