"Our privacy is a big question mark. Has it disappeared?" – Interview with Prof. José M. F. Moura

Philip L. and Marsha Dowd University Professor at Carnegie Mellon University, a member of the US National Academy of Engineers, Fellow of the US National Academy of Inventors, a corresponding member of the Portugal Academy of Science, an IEEE Fellow, Fellow of the AAAS and Director of the Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program at Carnegie Mellon University, José M. F. Moura, is one of the most recent members of the Portuguese Diaspora Council. The digital specialized financial publication ECO Online interviewed Prof. Moura during his recent visit to Portugal.

The interview covered subjects in technology, from the digitization of things to cybersecurity, critical infrastructures, teaching and science. José M. F. Moura has worked to create synergies between the US and Portuguese academies. He defends that you can find "world-class science made in Portugal", but "there is an opportunity to make this science more relevant to the social and economic problems of the country." 

Read the full interview, in Portuguese, at ECO Online (July 31, 2017)