Manuela Veloso at the Business Transformation Summit: Data is the New Oil

Professor Manuela Veloso, head of the Machine Learning Department at the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University and PI in two research projects of the CMU Portugal Program, was one of the three speakers highlighted at the Business Transformation Summit. 

Professor Veloso’s intervention focused on Deep Learning, essentially, how machines learn. She explained that with each passing day, machines learn more about how to see the world and communicate like humans and believes that "Artificial Intelligence is what will save humanity in the future", seeing potentialities where many see threats. For Manuela Veloso, "the future of machines and humans is to work together".

The other two highlights of the summit were Gerd Leonhard, CEO of The Futures Agency, that brought the idea that “data is the new oil” and Laura Overton, CEO of Towards Maturity Overon, that talked the transformations to the ways we work.

The main idea for this event is that the future that awaits us is the interaction between humans and technology, that will be as inevitable as it is indispensable, and it will be a key asset to the success of new businesses and the future of organizations.

Read the Portuguese article at O Jornal Económico Online (November 8, 2017)