Masters in Human-Computer Interaction Alumni

Emanuel Mendonça Fernandes Emanuel Mendonça Fernandes || emanuel at cmu dot edu

Emanuel Fernandes hopes to one day take the knowledge he’s learning in the joint MCHI program and translate it into real world products. Leaning more towards the intiation and design of new products rather than research, Fernandes, together with a fellow classmate, designed an interactive floor installation for an exhibition center. Interested in the possibilities that the MCHI program presents, Fernandes hopes to work for Portugal Telecom in the future and travel through Europe, learning about different cultures and meeting new people. When he is not designing, Fernandes is an avid reader and enjoys going to the cinema and watching sports, especially soccer. He is originally from Porto Moniz, on the north part of Madeira. You can learn more about him on his website.

Catarina PereiraCatarina Pereira || catarinapereira at cmu dot edu

Pereira graduated from the Coimbra’s College of Education (Escola Superior de Educação de Coimbra) in 2007 with a degree in Communication and Multimedia Design. Her studies introduced her to video, audio, and various programming languages, as well as psychology and Human-Computer Interaction. "Having the opportunity to learn from such a wide range of disciplines helped me to know that I had chosen the right path for me," says Pereira. "Attending the MHCI program was the next step forward in my education."

Pereira’s goal is to learn how to design user-friendly interfaces and systems with the techniques and skills she is developing in the MHCI program. "I want to make the users happy!" she explains. In addition to working and studying, Pereira likes good music, good movies, good food, traveling, and whenever possible going out and having fun.

Filipa Pinheiro Jervis Fernandes
Filipa Pinheiro Jervis Fernandes || filipajervis at cmu dot edu

With a degree in clinical psychology from Instituto Superior de Psicologia Aplicada (ISPA) in Lisbon, Jervis Fernandes has a slightly different background than some of her fellow classmates. She takes a unique approach to what she has deemed as ubiquitous computing. Acknowledging that computer-human interaction is part of everyday life, she chose the joint MCHI program because she wants to better understand the relationship between humans and machines in order to create new products that will make this interaction easier. A horseback rider, hydro-gymnast and avid reader, she is also in the process of developing her own webpage.