Embassy - U.S. scientist calls for comment on American The new science of President Obama during the Gala's Science 'Larry LeRoy Constantine was awarded the' Stevens Award

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The North American Larry Constantine, will receive the '2009 Stevens Award', he will attend the Gala of Science, taking place March 14 at "Figueira da Foz" upon invitation by the U.S. Embassy in Lisbon. At the meeting, Prof. Constantine will talk about the new scientific policy of President Obama. The ceremony will culminate with the prize "Seeds of Science" awarded Journal "Science Today".

Larry Constantine, graduate of MIT in 1968, was born in 1943 and is considered one of the pioneers of computing. Since 2006 he is a Professor of Software Engineering and Human-Computer Interaction at the U. of Madeira. Larry is also the director of Lab:USE --Laboratory for Usage-centered Software Engineering of the University of Madeira. Prof. Constantine is also "chief scientist" and the principal consultant Constantine & Lockwood, Ltd.

The Stevens Award was created to recognize significant contributions to the literature or practice of methods for software and development of systems.